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Vent Plug – We only install a genuine Made in the USA Gore-Tex® vent plug in all of our boards, not the cheap knock offs available as an alternative.  This SELF-VENTING plug is constantly “breathing” which alleviates the need to open and close it.  It allows air to flow out of the board and keeps water from coming in. This vent allows you to focus on having fun, without wondering if you remembered to open or close it.

Vent Plug Maintenance

  • Do not wax over the vent.  Keep wax, sand, debris away from the recessed area.
  • Rinse the vent after use with fresh water using low pressure to remove salt crystals, sand, etc.
  • Venting the board will greatly reduce problems with EPS/hollow-core heat expansion, but it is not an immunization.  Keep the board out of direct sun exposure when possible and use a protective/reflective bag to reduce wear and heat.

De-lamination – De-Lamination occurs when when the outer core of material separates from the foam core interior of the board.  This happens when you leave your SUP in a hot car or in direct sunlight for long periods of time.  When you are enjoying your SUP in the water, the water temperature regulates the internal temperature of your board.  Out of the water, heat has the opportunity to expand the air in your board and causing significant damage if you don’t take the necessary precautions to keep it safe.  Here are a few tips.

De-Lamination Prevention

  • Try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight when the board is not in the water.
  • Keep your board in a ventilated board bag when out of the water.  (This also works to prevent dings and cracks during transportation)
  • If no shade is available in the immediate area, turn your board upside down
  • Make sure your Gore-Tex vent plug is free of debris.
  • If your board feels hot to the touch, it is a good idea to move it to a place where shade is available.

Dings – In the pursuit of fun, dings and/or cracks to your board may happen.  It is a good practice to transport your board in a padded board bag to minimize the chance of damaging your board during transportation.  Damage is also caused by running your board into the ground at the beach, hitting floating objects, running into docks, and even into other boards.

If your board suffers from a crack to its shell, remove from the water immediately and take it to a repair specialist as soon as possible.  If you are attempting to fix the repair yourself, make sure you read up on proper repair procedures and use an epoxy resin repair kit to do so.   YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE YOUR SUP WITH A CRACK TO IT’S SHELL.  

That last sentence was in bold text just to emphasize the importance of taking care of any damage right away.  Take the time to inspect your board after you use it to keep it in tip top shape for your enjoyment.

Fins Our boards and fins are designed to work well together.  For many though, fins are a way to customize feel and or looks of there prized possession.   Care for your fin is easy and should be taking into consideration no matter what fin you use.

  • Take your fin off when transporting your board.
  • When off your board near water and people, turn your board upside down to reduce the chances of someone standing on your board and breaking your fin and/or fin box.  (Ouch!)
  • Make sure the water your are paddling in is deep enough for your fin to glide without obstruction.
  • Keep your fins scratch free for optimum performance.

Storing your SUP – One of the most important things to consider when taking care of your SUP is how and where to store it.  We have the following recommendations.

  • If possible, keep your SUP off the floor.
  • When using a rack or wall mounts, make sure there is sufficient padding at all points that make contact with your SUP.
  • Store your board in a dry, well ventilated area.

Warranty –  We offer a 30 day Limited Liability warranty only against defects in material and workmanship.  We do quality control checks in our factory before boards are packed in an effort to guarantee each board before it ships.  Because of the nature of paddle boarding, we cannot warranty the performance of any board which is dependent on the riders skills and abilities.   We do not warranty and are not responsible for damage or defects created from use, transportation, loading and unloading of the board, alterations, modifications, repairs, high temperatures, etc.


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